Show-stealing furniture upcycled from sail cloth


Impressive new Spanish designer Dvelas held court last week during Valencia Disseny Week as they promoted nautical furniture upcycled from vintage sail cloth at the show for young designer’s called Nude. The company’s creations come with a tag explaining the material’s source, from the manufacturer to the boat from which it was salvaged. Since it’s made from real sailing material, the furniture is guaranteed to stand up to outdoor wear and is a perfect way to spruce up your beachside home.


Despite basing their company in landlocked Pamplona, the brand takes inspiration from sailing culture and a love of sun and relaxation. Their pieces reflect a minimalist aesthetic and an eye for functionality. The Genois chair is a bean bag design with sail cloth that tightens to provide support while remaining somewhat free-form. Meanwhile, the company’s clean Vaurien design is a sunshade lounger made for beach use.

In addition to furniture, Dvelas also makes hangers from hemp rope and brass carabiners. The original suspended hanger has a pulley-based sister design which allows for raising and lowering of the hooks. While some might sit back after such a winning collection, Dvelas indicated (and we agree) that their best work was yet to come when they unveiled the Trimmer chair. Currently just a prototype, the effortlessly relaxed three-legged reading chair takes inspiration from the best of modern chair design.


As if Dvelas’s one-of-a-kind style wasn’t custom enough, the company allows you to send in your own sail to be made into one of their products. That way, while you may retire your old sail cloth, you need not abandon it entirely. Products are available online through the Dvelas web store.