Father’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

From record players to aprons and hot sauce, some fun gift ideas for your hero

Whether buying for your own dad, your partner, a pal or a father figure, finding the perfect present can be tricky. While spending time with the special humans in your life is always the best gift, sometimes giving them something they’d never spend money on themselves can be a real treat. Here we have collected some gift ideas for all kinds of dads—whether they’re into food, sport, music or being extra stylish—but make sure they are accompanied by a handmade card, and a hug.

Mulberry High Top

No. 288 shoes offer clean, sleek and modern takes on classic styles, with meticulous attention to construction. These off-white, made-in-the-USA Mulberry High Tops ($476) offer an update to the classic skate look, and are a guaranteed comfortable wear thanks to the soft, but durable, calf suede upper.

Lock & Co. Napoli Sisal Straw Hat

James Lock & Co.—the world’s oldest hat shop—was founded in 1676 and is still located in London, England. The company’s central focus has always been high-quality materials and the best production possible. The brand’s Napoli hat ($350)—a take on the Panama—is a sophisticated update on the classic design. This fine quality accessory boasts a fabric band and is woven with sisal straw.

Hello Skate Deck

Stuttgart, Germany-born, NYC-based artist Erik Parker’s signature style of bold graphics and neon hues have been masterfully applied to a skateboard for his Hello Skate Deck ($100). Adapted from his 2014 painting “Hello,” the limited edition deck is made from hard rock Maple and blends tradition with subculture in a wild style.

Elemental Turntable

As an alternative to the bulky size and cheap plastic of many entry-level turntables, Austria-based Pro-Ject Audio Systems’s Elemental ($229) is a simple record player especially fit for vinyl newbies—or those returning to the medium—that’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the ears. With counterweight and anti-skating already pre-adjusted, it’s as easy as plug and play. While it doesn’t yet come with a dust cover, Pro-Ject is planning to release one specifically for the Elemental this fall.

The Bronx Hot Sauce

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the Bronx tasted like, this locally made hot sauce ($9) comes close. Made from serrano peppers grown in community gardens throughout the borough, the homegrown condiment is a result of teamwork between the students and families that tend to the plants, a Bronx-born chef, non-profit GrowNYC and social business Small Axe Peppers. Not only do hot sauce sales support the gardens and keep production local, Small Axe Peppers is also donating a majority of the profits to programs that assist low-income communities in the Bronx and throughout NYC. A spicy kick in the mouth has never felt better.

Utility Apron

The latest from Apolis, a certified B Corp that aims to empower disenfranchised people through equal opportunity (in place of charity), is a durable apron ($98) made from hemp canvas, complete with three pockets and an adjustable leather strap. Whether you’re hard at work in the studio or the kitchen, this versatile piece will keep what’s underneath pristine.

#1 Pin

New Albion Sports has collaborated with NYC’s Prize Pins and Yimmy Yayo to create a pin to help you get with the winning team. Silver metal and black enamel are shaped into this playful #1 pin ($20) that mimics the foam finger, with just as much team spirit—but at a less cumbersome size.

Green Wave Surf Shorts

The Bather Trunk Company may have been developed at the Lake Ontario beach in Toronto, Canada, but the company’s product design takes heavy inspiration from streetwear. The Green Wave Surf shorts ($85 CAD) in forest green are a sleek take on classic swim trunks and are made from 100% quick-dry nylon—taking you from surf to turf in comfort.

Images courtesy of respective brands