Finisterre Cold Water Surf Knife

Easy blade access even in chilly conditions

finisterre-cold-water-surf-knife-2.jpg finisterre-cold-water-surf-knife-1.jpg

Designed for those hitting frigid waves around the world, Cornwall-based cold water surf brand Finisterre appeals to the function-minded surfer. Their latest offering is the world’s first knife designed specifically for surfers in cold climates. To build the knife, Finisterre tapped Joseph Rodgers and Sons in Sheffield, England, who have over 300 years experience crafting some of the UK’s finest blades.


A necessity in any outdoor kit, the flip-knife features an extenuated pull loop for easy blade access—even if your hands are on the verge of hypothermia. In addition to the main blade, the knife boasts a utilitarian multi-tool that acts as a flathead screwdriver and bottle and can opener. A fin key (something no surfer should ever be without) is included along with a British-made stainless steel bow-shackle. The Spanish Oak handle is sustainably sourced and will only improve with age. This one’s a keeper after all.

Limited to 100 pieces and individually numbered, the Cold Water Surf Knife is available from Finisterre for £90.