Ghostly + Brandnewnoise’s Phone-Home Xylophone

This handheld recording device is simple enough for kids and complex enough for grown-ups

Ghostly and Brandnewnoise have teamed up once again and (just like their previous collaborations) the delightful new product appeals to children, beginners and seasoned musicians alike. The eight-key handheld Phone-Home Xylophone (released today) is more than a toy—it’s a recording device that comes complete with built-in 30-second looping, pitch and delay control.

The sounds the instrument is capable of creating are super-spacey and psychedelic; and perhaps even richer sound quality than one might expect from such a tiny gadget. Enclosed in an all-black wooden case (with the Ghostly logo engraved in the corner) the Phone-Home is tuned to the D major scale.

The Phone-Home Xylophone is available online for $250.

Images courtesy of Ghostly