Warby Parker + Ghosty “Curtis” Sunglasses

A special edition eyewear collaboration inspired by Joy Division's enigmatic frontman


Stage lights can be blinding, so it’s no wonder that musicians and sunglasses have always gone together like front-row seats and ringing ears. Socially conscious eyewear brand Warby Parker teamed up with one of our favorite art and record labels, Ghostly International—marking the small label’s second collaboration in as many months—to release a special edition pair of sunglasses, out today. The Curtis, with its smooth lines and discrete angles, is a nod to the late Ian Curtis of Joy Division.


The collaboration and design process was born out of the friendship and mutual respect between Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal and Ghostly International founder Sam Valenti. “We started with the (very abstract) idea of creating something that a member of the Ghostly community would want to wear—which was actually a bizarre way to begin, because the Ghostly community is not exactly a homogenous crew,” says Blumenthal. Additionally, according to Blumenthal, Ghostly International’s ability to cross lines between art, music and design helped spur the collaboration.


While the design aspect of the collaboration is key, for Valenti it was Warby Parker’s social aspect of their business that solidified his desire to collaborate. For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker provides a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need. “Learning the Warby Parker story and their mission to give frames to those in need (500,000+ given so far) is yet another reminder for us that doing good extends past profits,” says Valenti. “It’s a huge reminder that what we buy has impact, and to choose who we, as fans, support with our time and money.”

The Curtis is available in Ghostly Grey Matte and Revolver Black for $95 from Warby Parker.

Images courtesy of Warby Parker and Ghostly International