Happy Socks Holiday Cards

by Maggie York-Worth

The free-spirited Swedish label Happy Socks teamed up with six promising artists to add even more joy to the holiday season, collaborating on a series of cards starring their quirky socks in various settings. Riffing on the brand's design ethos, punchy graphics and playful approach, the irreverent images also allow each artist's particular aesthetic to shine through.

The line-up of artists consists of Marok, Fanny Boström and Bill Gentle, Giorgio Camuffo, James Jarvis, Liselotte Watkins and Jérôme “Cream†Degive. (Click on any image for expanded view.)

In one of the most entertaining, by creative team Boström and Gentle, two sock puppets lock one another in a prolonged "romantic" embrace (pictured top left). Yet another sock, by Belgian artist Jérôme "Cream" Degive, this one with a large red nose, wishes you the biggest merry Christmas that can possibly fit on the card (above left).

The cards will be given away at key retail locations in poster and postcard packs throughout Europe, cheerfully reminding recipients to stay warm and creative this season.