HODINKEE Shop Relaunches

The most educated horological team on the internet reboots a store of watches and more

Since 2005, HODINKEE has stood out as a watch publication for tenured collectors and anyone with a little curiosity regarding timepieces. Along the way, HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer would launch a webstore built around the watch lifestyle—including, among other things, the first-ever leather goods constructed specifically for vintage watches. The site offered curated pieces for vintage sales and developed their own collaborative projects. Concurrently, as a publication HODINKEE has been a go-to for years for content and quality products, but today, the HODINKEE shop got a refresh.

The vintage watch world has lived in a flea market mentality for far too long

“Over the past four years, we’ve seen the appetite for watch accessories—primarily straps—sky rocket. All of a sudden, a watch strap is being viewed as an accessory, like a pair of shoes or sunglasses,” Clymer explains to CH. With that in mind, the HODINKEE team developed an interactive tool that allows users to view an array of straps along with plenty of watches on offer. “On top of that,” Clymer concludes, “The biggest request we’ve received over the last seven years is to change the way watches are sold—today we are doing that with our thoughtful and honest selling tools. The vintage watch world has lived in a flea market mentality for far too long, and today that changes, with beautiful, honest images, mobile commerce, and a wealth of information.” This makes shopping for vintage timepieces at HODINKEE a safe, transparent stop.

Clymer and his team also expanded the site’s offerings—with a thorough rare finds section among others. As he shares, “We have a history of designing and selling products that are tangential to watches—ties, sunglasses, mechanical music boxes. They’ve always sold well because we applied the same eye to them that we do to our edit on HODINKEE, focusing on well-crafted, timeless objects that come with a story.” With that in mind, the the team sought out elements of the extraordinary: “Rare eye-glasses designed by legendary firms like Pininfarina, heavy-weight pens issued to Government employees in the ’70s, and original prints commissioned exclusively for us. We wanted things that represented our values without feeling forced, and I think we’ve done that well,” Clymer concludes.

Visit the new HODINKEE shop now.

Images courtesy of HODINKEE