HODINKEE + TAG Heuer Limited Edition Chronograph Wristwatch

A rare Carrera Skipper design revived and upgraded

Leave it to the team at HODINKEE to find a vintage timepieceof which only 20 known examples existand bring it to life with contemporary flair and relevance. The
Skipperera,” reference 7754, debuted in 1967a Tag Heuer commission following the Intrepid yacht’s vistory at the America’s Cup. This piece acts as the inspiration behind the brand new TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera Skipper for HODINKEE. Clear aesthetic lines can be drawn between the watches but advancements are aplentydrawn, if you will, from a best of features list from the Heuer brand. The tri-color regatta countdown’s palette carries vintage warmth but the subdial has been updated to 10-minute intervals. What was a 35mm case size has grown to (a still reasonable) 39mm but features the same faceted lugs. Internally, the new piece sports a caliber 18 automatic movement that allows for the addition of a date complication. Altogether, it’s a rare vintage revival that feels entirely freshloyal to brand heritage but crafted to match the wants and wishes of today’s watch wearers.

There are only 125 pieces of the TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera Skipper for HODINKEE. They’re available online at 1PM today, exclusively at the HODINKEE Shop
for $5,900. A purchase includes three straps: a perforated blue leather Tag Heuer option, as well as two NATO straps (one in grey and the other in orange). As with all HODINKEE collaborative products, it’s expected to sell out quickly.

Images courtesy of HODINKEE