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A modular cabinet from the budding Italian furniture-maker Homecode


The young Treviso, Italy-based company Homecode puts a twist on traditional design with its latest project, Hollo. The basic solid cabinets feature removable modular front doors that come in a wide variety of designs. Simply pop them off their hinges with a handful of screws, and use the piece of furniture as a blank canvas to change the mood of a room.

The customizable patterns come from an elite roster of international artists and designers including Gruppo 407, Julie Joliat, Matteo Cibic and more, all coordinated by art director Andrea Magnani. Their contributions elevate the level of design in a functional cabinet without the added price. Calling itself “the T-shirt of furnishings,” Hollo blends irony and style with easy-to-change convenience and affordability, not to mention the work of an actual T-shirt designer. In addition to graphic artists and illustrators, Hollo has worked with Abiscuit Accident on graphics applied to both furniture and shirts.

HolloJoeVelluto.jpg HolloSirAlbertMrSimon.jpg

Made entirely in Italy, Hollo ships flat-packed to reduce waste during transit. Choose from the ever-growing range of designs at Hollo’s e-shop, where cabinets are available for €389 and sets of replacement doors for €199.


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