Moss Robot Construction Kit

Design, build and control robots at home

Moss-Robots1.jpg Moss-Robots2.jpg

A far cry from Stretch Armstrong, Moss is a new dynamic robot construction kit that allows kids to build their own controllable toys. After over two years of prototyping, Colorado’s Modular Robotics developed the module-based system to be as approachable as possible, requiring zero wire manipulation, soldering or programming. In short, each module contains one or more color coded connector points; each serving a specific function—power, bridge, propulsion, bluetooth connector, etc. The brilliant design uses small steel spheres and embedded neodymium magnets as connectors. One sphere creates a universal connection, two makes a hinge and three or four a ridged one, thus creating an even wider range of kinematic design possibilities.


Each individual Moss module is an integral piece of the grander puzzle users design themselves. Building off a design similar to that of the firm’s previous product, Cubelets, Moss modules put the power of creativity and gift of life in the hands of the builder. This, of course, is only amplified when the Bluetooth connector module is added, allowing the robot to respond to various Modular Robotics’ designed iDevice apps.

As everything is built in-house in Colorado, an advantage to supporting the Kickstarter is jumping the line and getting your order in first. A pledge of $59 or more secures a basic start kit. Find more at Modular Robotics.

Images courtesy of Modular Robotics