Horse Cycles’ Camping Knife

Brooklyn's talented bike-builder introduces a carbon steel knife to aid in outdoor adventures

horse-cycles-camp-knife-3.jpg horse-cycles-camp-knife-2.jpg

Earlier this year, we met Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles. While visiting his workshop, we learned the man is truly capable with a bit of steel, and his skills and areas of interest often extend beyond the realm of building custom bicycles. This is evidenced in the Horse Carbon Steel Camping Knife. Inspired by traditional, utilitarian knives native to Scandinavia and Callahan’s penchant for getting into the outdoors, the sturdy steel blade is fit for any adventure. And, as things go with handmade knives, each is unique due to hand-grinding and variations in the hand-stamped Horse logo.


To complement the knife, an accompanying leather sheath is offered thanks to the hands of Horse friend and neighbor Will Lisak of ETWAS bags. The thick cut veggie-tanned leather sheaths and carbon steel knife together sell for $185, while the knife is also available alone for $155.

Images courtesy of Horse Cycles