HYT Debuts Limited Edition SOONOW Watch Collection

A not-so-subtle reminder that time is precious from an innovative brand

The core concept—both poetic and technical—within avant-garde Swiss watch brand HYT is a demonstration of the fact that time flows. Their unique system to indicate the passage of minutes and hours involves the movement of a colorful liquid through a tiny capillary, pushed along by a patented micro-fluidic module. We, and many others, have obsessed over this development since the brand’s launch. But with the latest limited edition line from HYT, called SOONOW, the conceptual stake has risen even higher.

Launching in two styles—one stainless steel with green fluid and another stainless steel with black DLC coating and blue fluid (more than a difference in color, but an actual technical change)—the series features a titanium dial embellished with 313 18-karat gold pins, and nearly 1,000 meticulously drilled holes. The former fall within a skull motif, a frequent design reference from the brand. Here, however, one eye has been replaced with the words “soon” and “now.” The mission for the text: strike home the notion that time is fleeting and precious.

Each iteration will be limited to 25 watches. At the heart of each 48.8mm case—which has a substantial height of 20.08mm—lies a hand-wound mechanical movement that interfaces with the module. Every other component is premium, but the real magic is the brand’s commitment to liquid, linear time and new ways to execute it.

HYT’s SOONOW watches will retail for CHF 75,000.

Images courtesy of HYT