IQ Clean

Save the earth and a little cash with freshly-scented sustainable soaps


As more and more earth-friendly cleaning products make their way to mainstream grocery store aisles, iQ Clean stands out for their all-natural, environmentally-sustainable formulas that come in equally-virtuous, waste-saving concentrate cartridges.

Developed by Canada-based Planet People, the single-use cleaning cartridges contain non-toxic, plant-based concentrates which instantly dilute in reusable plastic spray bottles filled with water. The cartridges are currently available in four formulas—glass, bathroom, floor and all-purpose cleaner, each mixed from a handful of environmentally-sustainable ingredients such as corn and coconut-derived surfactants.

Besides reducing plastic and landfill waste by up to 70 percent, the company’s packing smarts also cut down on the use of oil, both in terms of production (manufacturing 29 spray-type bottles requires an entire gallon of crude oil), as well as fuel for transportation. The shipping costs are lower too—iQ claims its less-bulky products save the company 25 percent more than conventional cleaners—which it generously hands down to its consumers.

Starter kits, which include a solution spray bottle and one refill cartridge, sell for $6, while single cartridges cost less than $3. IQ products are available for sale throughout Hannaford and Sweetbay grocery stores in the U.S.