IV Decals by Little Love Medical

Bright designs spruce up stark hospital rooms


Inspired by her volunteer work at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, designer Ashley Ludwin began dreaming of ways she could brighten up the wards and make sterile medical equipment look a little less intimidating. Last year she decided to focus her talent on redesigning the ubiquitous IV bag, and launched Little Love Medical, a line of decorative decals that can be quickly stuck onto the backside of the plastic bag. Held simply by static cling, the temporary stickers provide a safe and clever way for patients to brighten up their surroundings with a little pop of color. The appliques come in a wide range of patterns, from stripes to polka dots to leopard spots, so patients can easily swap out the decals and personalize their hospital rooms.

Sold in packages of five, the IV Decals can be purchased through Little Love Medical for $9 per set.

Images courtesy of Little Love Medical