Jansen & de Bont Luminous Entity Type I Light

An innovative gesture-controlled light from a new Dutch design duo

Industrial designers Matthijs Jansen and Jorg de Bont launched their eponymous studio Jansen & de Bont and their debut product, the Luminous Entity Type I light fixture, at now! Le Off, one of the venues at Paris Design Week 2016. While an attractive light on its own, the patent-pending gesture-control technology that commands it is a fresh and innovative approach to managing light and brings something new to the scene.

The oak frame beautifully wraps the white aluminum track which holds the LED lights and the sensors. There are lights that face both up and down, and you can illuminate them and adjust them individually. Raising and lowering your hand adjusts the intensity; using both hands you adjust the width of the light—from a small, focused beam to illuminating the whole LED strip.

You can then adjust that light by moving your hand left and right. The software learns your preferences, allowing you to simply turn on your preferred settings. Importantly, it’s very intuitive and easy to use.

Jansen & de Bont graduated with degrees in industrial design from the University of Technology Eindhoven in 2013. They decided to work together the following year, and have spent the last two years developing the light and the technology behind the motion-sensing controls.

Images courtesy of Jansen & de Bont