Our latest Rough Cut video with an innovative Spanish outdoor furniture maker


In the early 60’s, in a Spain still suffering the repercussions of the civil war and a population living under the hard handed rule of Franco, Kettal founder Manuel Alorda took a trip to Germany with his Dutch father in-law to purchase outdoor furniture. Alorda had never seen outdoor furniture before and was immediately struck by the opportunity to bring beach and camping chairs to the Spanish market. A van was purchased, machinery was bought and Alorda began producing the German line of outdoor furniture for Spanish consumption. Ten years later, as Franco’s influence declined and international trade normalized, Alorda began making his own designs and exporting his product throughout Europe. This transition began the recognition of Spanish design excellence in outdoor furniture and cemented the framework of the Kettal Group.


Kettal stands out amongst the many excellent outdoor furniture designers in the Spanish market due to their awesome attention to detail. This ranges from the choice of designers they strive to work with to the time and energy put into finding or constructing raw materials. The focus of Kettal’s design is to fit the needs of modern life creatively, while maintaining a commitment to timelessness.


We had the chance to talk to vice president Alex Alorda about Kettal’s commitment to quality through innovation of custom raw materials, check it out in the rough cut below:

In addition to their innovations in furniture Kettal has also branched out into the art world, the senior Alorda began collecting at a young age. This commitment to the arts led to the founding of the Alorda-Derksen Foundation, a space in Barcelona dedicated to contemporary art and fully funded by Kettal.