Outdoor Furniture from Spain

Five more-than-meets-the-eye designs for the patio

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With summer in full swing, poolside patio chic just got that much more appealing with Spain’s top designers on deck to transcend pedestrian lounge sets into sleek and functional furnishings. Turning outdoor furniture into an inward meditation on minimalism and ingenuity, Spanish artisans craft dual-function designs that are as much at home overlooking the Mediterranean coast as they are eying the cityscape from a rooftop terrace.


In celebration of its 50th anniversary, furniture design firm Expormim opened a new showroom featuring outdoor furniture that captures the “Mediterranean way of life.” Both playful and utilitarian, a standout piece is the Ulah, created by Mut Design. The unique seesaw chair is crafted out of woven polyester that serves as a comfortable rocker and as a conveniently collapsible, stackable unit.


Valencia’s Vondom evolves modern furniture design into multi-purpose function with its flowerpot-cum-table series. Created for Vondom’s Moma collection, designer Javier Mariscal customized three table models that accommodate both vegetation and varying degrees of comfort for situational seating (lounging, lunching or standing).


Heating up the innovation of outdoor furniture is Spanish label, Kettal, with its Zig Zag Fire Pit created by Emiliana Design. Doubling as a coffee table or barbecue, this aluminum and mesh-woven design makes for a versatile veranda centerpiece.

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Spanish lifestyle brand Point creates modular reinventions of the wicker standard for outdoor décor. With its mobile table-slash-tray, Point seamlessly merges the craftsmanship of contemporary ingenuity with nostalgic charm.


Inspired by his background in textiles, renowned designer José Gandía experimented with materials and shapes to interpret open-space recreation. Taking outdoor furnishings indoors, Gandia encapsulated the patio experience with his glass-enclosed pavilion titled The Cristal Box that combines a porch and pergola for an all-in-one outdoor living room. Constructed of thermolacquered aluminum and wood, The Cristal Box invites backyard basking all year round.

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