Larsson & Jennings Norse Collection

The clean, modern watch brand introduces Swiss-made pieces in angular cases

It’s safe to say the bulk of watches on the market (Apple Watch, aside) feature round cases with round faces and, since their inception in 2012, UK/Swedish watch brand Larsson & Jennings has excelled at producing modern, circular wristwatches. With their latest debut, the Norse Collection, they’ve taken their minimalist design sensibilities and applied them to angular cases—with variations on the square and rectangle. Each watch takes its design queues from military watches of the late 19th century but the ultimate aesthetic is entirely modern. There is a vibrant history of square watches and the Norse collection makes for a refreshing contemporary take.

While the collection does have gender-specific pieces, the designs are ultimately unisex. The larger Norse watches, still reasonably sized at 29mm by 40mm, come in three options: a black dial with matte black PVD plating, a black dial with matte 18K gold plating and a white dial with polished stainless steel. All three feature a Swiss-made Ronda 784 movement (and a date function). The smaller Norse timepieces (27mm by 34mm) come in four dial and case combinations and are powered by a Ronda 762 movement. The entire collection is light on the wrist, elegant and come upon Atacama leather straps handmade in Italy. For those who admire a watch whose design blends classic horological inspiration with modern touches—and who are tired of circular timepieces—these are well-made, well-priced options.

Shop the Larsson & Jennings Norse Collection online, with prices starting at £225.

Images courtesy of Larsson & Jennings