Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Happy Kurt Cobain, a massive solar-powered boat, phantom pocket watches and more in our look at the web this week


1. Bike Planters

Using a 3D printer, Atlanta-based designer Colleen Jordan creates small planters that you can wear around your neck or strap to your bike, allowing you to take your favorite succulent on a little adventure.

2. Shawn Stussy’s S/Double Studio

Seth Epstein spends a day filming Shawn Stussy, who makes shaping surfboards for his line S/Double look as rad as surfing itself.

3. Photo Lens Shot Glasses

Toast your favorite photographer with impressively detailed, miniature ceramic lens glasses. Cheers to taking the perfect shot.

4. Rap Name Map

The Magnificent Map of Rap Names is a poster that links rappers of all walks based on thematic categories. The blinged-out golden web of names and connections overlays a black background with grey silhouettes of the rap game’s greatest.


5. Imperial Phantom Pocket Watch

Parisian boutique Colette has teamed up with “Swiss by way of L.A.” watchmaker MARCH LA.B to create a gunmetal-black version of their 1805 pocket watch. Inspired by the Napoleonic age, the new-school features of the watch include a snake coil chain and analog alarm.

6. Kurt Cobain Looking Happy

To celebrate what would have been the pioneering rocker’s 45th birthday, Flavorwire pulled a montage of photos showing Cobain’s lighter side. In the nearly two decades since his death, Cobain’s legacy has come to portray his tragically nagging sickness and depression. These happier moments make for a refreshing commemoration.

7. A Magazine Curated by Maison Martin Margiela

Ultra-secretive designer Martin Margiela flexes his curatorial muscle for the latest issue of the artful periodical A Magazine, for which he reunited many of the artists, musicians, models and photographers he has worked with over the years. The edition is uniquely Margiela, with a page dedicated to the color white and a theme that curiously looks to the past while wholeheartedly embracing the future.

8. Bill Eppridge: NYC Skateboarding

Recently resurfacing online, Bill Eppridge’s images of people skateboarding in NYC are as intriguing today are they were when he shot them back in the Sixties for Life magazine. His photos capture the spirit of skateboarding and the novelty of the relatively new sport.


9. Baggu iPad and Laptop Cases

Baggu applies their functionally stylish approach to cases, in a new line that includes solids, stripes and neon brights in sizes fit for your iPad or laptop.

10. Turanor’s Cross-Global Journey

PlanetSolar’s striking solar-powered boat just completed an 18-month journey around the world. After departing in September 2010, the 101-foot-long boat stuck close to the sun-drenched equator to fuel its 703 lithium-ion powered panels.

11. U.S. Interstates as a Subway Map

Cameron Booth‘s depiction of the States’ highways as a subway system is interesting both for its visual appeal and the fact that Booth, an Australian living in Portland, used London’s notorious Tube map as the foundation for his design. A challenging map to devise, it took Booth a full year and several iterations to perfect.

12. Mac Ghosts

A series of videos by Emilio Gomariz uses the Mac OS to create desktop performances from moving files and folders. Testing the limits of the system, Gomariz exploits features like color coding and hot corners to achieve these mesmerizing effects.