Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Bionic legs, Star Wars rugs, Baldessari boards and more in our weekly web survey

1. Dress the Part

Focusing on the stand-out men’s style from classic films, Moxy Creative redesigned ten movie posters.

2. Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Midcentury Designers

T Magazine reviews a new book by photographer Leslie Williamson, called Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Midcentury Designers. The book takes you inside the treasure-filled homes of the masters of modernism themselves, including Charles and Ray Eames, George Nakashima, and Walter Gropius.

3. ELegs

Berkeley Bionics released this video showcasing their new exoskeleton, eLEGS. BB claims to be the “first company in the world to develop a practical exoskeleton” and focuses on giving wheelchair users a chance to walk again.

4. Moleskine iPhone and iPad covers

Combining the best of analog and digital utilities, Moleskine introduced a line of their classic notebooks designed to protect and fit right over your iDevices.

5. John Baldessari x Supreme

Supreme taps Los Angeles-based painter
John Baldessari
for their latest artist-designed decks.

6. House of Waris Tea Shop

Renaissance man Waris Ahluwalia gets back to his East Indian roots with a newly-opened tea shop underneath NYC’s The Highline in a space designed by architect Christian Wassmann.

7. Wampa Rug

Only for the most committed of Star Wars fans, this Wampa rug offers the memory of Luke’s battle with the snow beast in the mountain caves of Hoth.

8. Evil Boy Video

Die Antwoord’s latest video
takes the genius dick slanging of their earlier work to a whole new level with plenty of phalluses and a coat made of rats to balance it out.