Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Unicorn tears, Martha's iPad app and behind the windows at Bergdorf's in our survey of the past week online


1. Hook, Line & Dinner

Tha Lobstah Pushah Ben Sargent provides “aquatic infotainment” in his new Cooking Channel show, which tours the Eastern Seaboard with tips on how to catch, prepare and enjoy regional seafood.

2. Tron Legacy by Opening Ceremony

A logical follow-up to Opening Ceremony’s fashion collection based on Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are,” the much-hyped Disney sequel “Tron Legacy gets its own line with contributions from enduring NYC design collective threeasfour. Neoprene, laser cut details, and electric hues make the men’s and women’s collections an equally futuristic, though less expensive, alternative to the higher priced items featured here earlier this week.

3. Bergdorf’s Holiday Windows

For those who can’t witness the beautifully decorated window displays at Bergdorf Goodman’s this holiday season in person, The Moment‘s slideshow allows for behin-the-scenes viewing of the David Hoey-designed installations in all their whimsical glory—fullscreen viewing recommended.

4. NYC Pop-Ups

While we have our personal favorite, pop-up shops have been popping up everywhere for the holidays and The Scout published a smattering of the others, among them CH favorites Wired and Project No. 8.


5. Martha Stewart Living iPad App

The homemaking mogul continues to develop the digital side of her publishing enterprise in true Martha style with the introduction earlier this month of her gorgeously-designed new iPad app, a special issue of her magazine that relays valuable tips on gardening, decorating, cooking and more in a glossy, multimedia-rich format.

6. Pinch

We may have only just discovered Pinch, but this British husband-and-wife furniture studio that began in 2004 successfully captures an elegantly timeless aesthetic that catches our eye every time.

7. 826DC

The latest from the team behind the retail-meets-tutoring center gems like San Francisco’s Pirate Supply Co. and the Superhero Supply Co. in Brooklyn, The Museum of Unnatural History in D.C. features an excellent assortment of spoils and specimen designed by the talented Oliver Munday.

8. Solo

While still in pre-launch, the new project management software for freelancers, Solo has us hopeful that the promises of functionality lives up to the bold design and branding .