Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An Instagram-viewing iPad app, brew scientists, David Lynch's nightclub and more in this week's look at the web


1. Silencio

Named for the club in “Mulholland Drive,” David Lynch’s Paris nightclub Silencio launches in September (opening hours run 6pm-6am) and will include a movie theater, concert hall, art gallery, restaurant bar and custom furniture like an amazing skull-shaped speaker.

2. Full Magnum Schlieren

Check out this awesome example of Schlieren photography used to document the blast of a .44 magnum.

3. Upwell Design Wallplates

Integrating a letter holder and hooks with a switch plate, support Upwell’s all-in-one design by funding their KIckstarter project bringing a little more simplicity to homes.

4. Barcelona Rock Hostel

For the 2011 Bohemian Hostel for Backpackers Competition, Polish architecture and design firm UGO created a slightly frightening but impressive outdoor sleeping setup called Barcelona Rock Hostel. Designed for the adventurist, the 50-room hotel features a rock pool with diving board, spa, gym, cinema, bar, shops and climbing wall for beginners.


5. Pandagram

The Pandagram iPad app gives Instagram users a seamless way to browse photos on an even bigger and sleeker platform. Simply tapping the screen allows you to flick through the feed for a highly visual answer to Twitter.

6. Elevate Storage Bike Shelf

For those living in small spaces with budgets to match, this combination bike rack and shelf (made of birch and cedar) costs just $60, making the minimalist storage solution more affordable than those that use pricier materials.

7. Sixpoint Mad Scientist Series

The creativity doesn’t seem to stop flowing over at one of our favorite breweries, Sixpoint. Their first packaged options, called the Mad Scientist Series, kicks of with a Spelt brew and will continue with concoctions like one made using native bacteria.

8. Planetary Parasol

Using the age-old principal behind the sundial, designer Kota Nezu produced this unique parasol that serves as protection from the sun and rain, but also acts as a handheld clock and compass.