Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A C02-propelled wetsuit, insanely gorgeous cars and custom handmade watches in this week's look at the web


1. Dedegumo Workshop

Japanese watchmakers create beautiful custom watches
, combining traditional and modern design, while onlookers observe the process in their newly-opened New York Lower East Side store.

2. The Original Kavatza Pouch

The World’s Best Ever recently found the leather Kavatza pouch for “discerning stoners.” The case houses a slot for storing papers and a stuffing prong, as well as a curved wooden base for rolling and a rubberband to secure the paper from breezes.

3. Billabong V1 Wetsuit

Pro surfer Shane Dorian recently shared his story about the experience that inspired Billabong’s new beta V1 wetsuit. The suit contains an air bladder which, when activated by ripcord, inflates and rockets the surfer back to the water’s surface. The C02-powered wetsuit has the ability to keep a rider a foot out of the water, a potentially amazing safety tool for big wave surfers.

4. Classic Brits at Salon Privé

Car aficionados don’t want to miss the upcoming “quintessentially English” auction during Salon Privé, which will put an array of gorgeous classic cars on the chopping block.


5. MakerBot Thing-O-Matic

For the first time MakerBot is offering custom fully assembled Thing-O-Matics in their store. These 3D printers have the latest tech on board to have you up and making stuff in no time and now you can snag one of these desktop wonders fully built and ready to use out of the box for $2,500.

6. The Newspaper Map

This handy website allows you to browse 10,000-plus newspapers from all over the world, with the added option of translating them into English.

7. Ham Hock and Cold Cuts Coaster Set

Design shop The Future Perfect has a delicious coaster set from designers Chen Chen and Kai Tsien Williams in stock just in time for gifting the meat-obsessed father with a design fetish. The tabletop accessories, comprised of a smorgasbord of materials including rope, bone, fishnet and resin, would look particularly fetching when paired with the ham-hock-shaped sculpture from which they were sliced .

8. Your Rainbow Panorama

The ARoS museum in Denmark recently got a new rainbow-hued installation. The 52-meter glass walkway circles the roof of the building creating a panoramic lens, perfect for taking in multicolored city views.