Digital books screen-printed for posters and tees


Litographs—a company known for reprinting full texts of books as posters—recently caught our eye when they sent us a custom poster printed with text from Cool Hunting articles. The execution was just too slick not to share. There in a pristinely etched screen print was a feed of our past work, broken up by our logo in weighted Helvetica Neue.

The occasion for the gift was a new Kickstarter campaign from Litographs, which aims to jumpstart production on screen-printed T-shirts as well as posters. The difference between their previous flatbed-printed posters and the new screen printing is substantial, as the raised ink results in a more crisp and legible text. For that project, Steve Walters at Chicago’s Screwball Press is doing the handiwork of producing five designs from the Litographs archive.


The T-shirts hope to achieve a similar aim as the posters; namely, to bring digital files into the physical realm by way of original design. All of the books currently offered are in public domain, with text sourced online from Project Gutenberg. The company can also handle custom orders, and will scan personal books to translate them into poster form. Each poster purchase is coupled with a book donation to the International Book Bank, which operates mainly in developing countries.

With delivery promised before 24 December 2012, Litographs is currently taking pre-orders through Kickstarter, where T-shirts start at $30 and screen-printed posters at $50.

Images by James Thorne