"Logorama" director Ludovic Houplain's exhaustive index of more than 7,000 brand images


Graphic designer Ludovic Houplain and his partners François Alaux and
Hervé de Crécy of H5 agency made a splash in 2009 when they produced a short film depicting a world composed entirely out of logos. The 16-minute film, “Logorama” went on to win an Academy Award and gave H5 their first César.


In order to create Logorama’s surreal commercial landscape of 2,500 logos from past and present, the designers gathered a massive database of more than 40,000 consumer graphics. Taschen will publish a selection of that list aptly titled “Logobook,” with an alphabetized index of 7,000 images and captions identifying company, category, year and country of creation.


In the introduction Houplain describes the process by which “Logorama” came to be—based on ideas from music videos for Alex Gopher and, later, one for George Harrison that was ultimately rejected for legal reasons. Regulations around broadcasting company trademarks evolved the project into a purely artistic endeavor lauded by critics. Leading up to the tabbed index philosopher and sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky presents “A Branded World,” an essay analyzing the “hyper-consumption” of our present culture and the role of Logorama in desensitizing the inherent purpose of logos to convey some sort of deeper emotional meaning. The book’s stance on branding coupled with its navigable listing makes it a great tool for both artists and designers, as well as the culturally curious looking to add a colorful and informative resource to their library.

“Logobook” drops 1 April 2013 and is currently available for pre-order from Taschen or Amazon.

Images by Kat Herriman