Looking at Painting Volume 1

A beautiful journal exploring art and the ideas behind it


Across the 96 pages within the softcover “Looking at Painting Volume 1” arts journal, editor and designer Jessie Churchill (who also happens to be a fine artist) probes the expanding visual landscape of painting today. With care and thought, painting—under a broader definition—is presented and analyzed. The journal also features a hand-painted editor’s note and two exclusive artworks on paper, inserted within and commissioned solely for this project. The range of carefully selected works featured also reflects a dynamic contributors list—equal parts inspired and engaging.


Churchill shares with CH, “I created the journal in a reaction to my own search for information into the expanded field of painting. I felt many works had a pictorial sensibility, which had the essence of painting, yet it wasn’t described as being in this category. The motivation was to create one place where these areas of research could lie next to each other—making a resource for others who are interested in painting, yet don’t constrict themselves to it, as a classical medium.” On her process as editor, Churchill notes, “I selected the contributors from shows I had visited and artists who had been recommended by peers. But I also wanted to take submissions and searched sites such as Tumblr. I wanted contributors at all stages of their practice, all places and all ages so I could collate the most interesting series of works.” That is, in essence, what Churchill delivers with depth and insight in this perfect-bound print publication.

Looking at Painting Volume 1” is available for £10, or at stockists across Europe.

Images courtesy of Looking at Painting