CES 2023: HAPTA Makeup Applicator For People With Limited Mobility

A handheld device made by L'Oreal and health-tech company Verily

Unveiled at CES 2023, HAPTA—made by cosmetics brand L’Oreal and health-tech company Verily—is the world’s first commercially available motorized makeup applicator. The ultra-precise, handheld device has been designed for people with hand and arm mobility challenges. It’s based on tech that uses multiple sensors and machine learning (similar to a gamble used for phones and cameras), and Verily (which is part of Google parent Alphabet) initially developed it to create a spoon for people who have limited mobility and motor skills.

It works quite simply, despite the clever tech: users hold onto the ergonomic handle, while smart motion controls, including a “clicking” feature, allow them to set their desired position and remain there while the lipstick is applied. (Users can also create a customized setting for the future.) The device’s magnetic attachment enables 60 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flexion. With a built-in battery, the device provides one hour of continuous use from a full charge. That results in 10 or more applications.

Courtesy of L’Oreal

Currently designed to hold lipstick, HAPTA will evolve to be used with various products, most probably with different attachments, in the future.

Images courtesy of L’Oreal