Makers Mondays: The Great Indoors

From candles to throw rugs and chocolate, some of the best American-made goods for the coziest night in

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As part of our ongoing support for Detroit-based manufacturer Shinola’s Makers Monday initiative (which encourages purchasing American-made products to help create and keep jobs in the United States) Cool Hunting is highlighting and looking back on our favorite brands that make quality products in our very own backyard. We have covered durable, functional gear for adventures in the outdoors as well as luggage for hitting the road, but this time (with the onset of colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere) we’re looking a little closer to home. From soft throw rugs to scented candles, here are four products that make for the perfect cozy night in to stave off the winter blues.

MM-Faribault-throw-01.jpg MM-Faribault-throw-02.jpg

For its sheer utility and subdued design, the American-made Box Weave Wool Throw from Faribault is particularly appealing. The 149-year-old woolen mill selects a pure merino wool for this piece, giving it an extra soft texture that’s as useful as a seat during afternoon picnics as it is a cozy wrap on chilly evenings. The Minnesota-based brand (founded way back in 1865) strikes the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, light yet durable, decorative but subtle with this soft blanket.

MM-Ursa-Major-1.jpg MM-Ursa-Major-2.jpg MM-Ursa-Major-3.jpg
Ursa Major

Made among the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ursa Major skincare launched in late 2010 to provide men with a healthy and effective alternative to chemical-laden products. By favoring organic over synthetic, Ursa Major promotes a “super natural” regimen of face wash, toner and shaving cream, and a fortifying face balm. Each product in the line blends a variety of essential oils ranging from aloe, lemon and carrot to bamboo and cedar that come together with a pleasant, mild fragrance. Besides the effectiveness of the products, we like the simple, recyclable packaging emblazoned with the bear constellation for which the brand is named. An ideal way to treat yourself on a night in.

MakersMonday-Imogene-Willie-01.jpg MakersMonday-Imogene-Willie-02.jpg
Imogene + Willie

Scented with ingredients like African ginger, mahogany, taboti wood and grains of paradise, Imogene + Willie‘s candles are a decadent addition to any indoor activities when the sun has long set. The brand (which has stores in Portland and Nashville) make the candles with Apothia, with a combination of premium paraffin, soy, fragrance and a balm—all of which are super-lush. Apart from filling a room with a warm glow and delicious scent, Imogene + Willie x Apothia candles are lovely to look at with their clean lines, all black holder and wax, and minimal branding.


Patric Chocolate

No night in is complete without a a sweet treat and Patric Chocolate is a real indulgence. Several of the American brand’s bars are truly unlike anything else on the market. But Red Coconut Curry really packs in every possible flavor on the spectrum. It begins with the sweet flavor of milk chocolate, then the bitter bite of dark chocolate and toasted coconut crunch, and finishes with a burning burst of spicy peppers and ginger. For another adventure, try the PBJ OMG bar for a surprising trip through sweet milk chocolate, salty peanut butter and a berry jam finish. We can assure you that the other five flavors—Mint Crunch, Mocha OMG, Madagascar Dark, Signature Blend and Dark Milk—pack similar thrills.

Patric Chocolate image by Cool Hunting, all other images courtesy of respective brands