Making Things Story

Shopping and machining combine in Story's latest concept store

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In yet another stellar iteration of Story, Rachel Shechtman presents “Making Things,” a temporary concept store focused on the act of creation. Part retail experience, part educational series, Story partnered with GE to debut “GE Garages,” a community venture that hopes to provide professionals and novices alike with education on and access to advanced technologies. The center is enabled by TechShop—a member-based DIY workspace—and created in partnership with Skillshare, Quirky and MAKE. The collaborative effort sets out to support and nourish the growing community of technologists and entrepreneurs.


Hands-on opportunities at Story include a chance to work with a CNC mill, laser cutter, 3-D printer and injection molder. Materials range from wood and plastic to stainless steel and aluminum, giving makers the opportunity to focus on one-off productions or consumer product concepts.

More than 40 events will take place over the three-week run time. Professionals and experts will be holding workshops, contests, talks, classes and demonstrations on machining and designing. The full event listing and signup is being hosted and featured at The School of GE on Skillshare.


On the retail side of things, American Design Club (AmDC) is selling objects from six featured designers to mark the launch of their website. The Thing Quarterly will also be selling objects from their past issues, including Dave Eggers’ literary shower curtain.

While Sub Rosa designed the overall GE Garages experience, one of the highlights from the shop is the window display by Shortall Design, who have installed four wired panels with circular discs that react to the movement of passersby on the sidewalk outside the store.

Making Things” runs through 28 October 2012. See more photos in our slideshow

Images by Josh Rubin