Max Steiner Costumes at The Shop at The Standard, High Line

Luxuriant animal-inspired masks and helmets by the Brooklyn-based designer

Halloween is on the horizon and for those still without a costume, The Shop at The Standard, High Line has a solution. For a second time, they’ve embarked on a curated collaboration with designer Max Steiner—and this year features a bounty of his eccentric and alluring masks, helmets and glasses. From animal-inspired pieces to devilish masks and blindfolds, each carries an odd charm. Perhaps what intrigues us most about the masks happens to be their application beyond Halloween, with many pieces being an ideal fit for masquerades and more.

Steiner, himself, is a master of many crafts from product development to jewelry design and sculpture. The partnership was initiated through mutual friends of the artist and those at The Shop. In addition to selling his costumes, the store is also showcasing his cat helmets within their seasonal window display. As he explains to CH, “A few years ago I was working with a couple fashion designers who asked me to create a three dimensional cat for one of their outfits. What I came up with after weeks of development and iterations was a faceted geometric cat. The head of this cat, scaled up, is what became my first helmet.”

He begins by drafting in 3D on a computer (and can scale products to fit specific clients) before creating the actual piece. “When the design is done,” he continues, “I separately cut each polygon from sheets of acrylic and carefully glue each piece together, edge to edge.” The result is one of many fascinating designs that lends a playful edge to dressing in costume.

The Shop at The Standard, High Line is located at 444 W 13th St, New York. Max Steiner’s pieces retail between $80 and $740.

Images courtesy of Adrian Nina