Halloween 2006: Costumes for Little Ones

Pirate Ipod
Iattire Cowboy
Vampire Ipod-1

Bypassing the fuss of dressing up, costumes for your iPod or baby inflict the holiday spirit on those smaller than yourself.

The peapod baby ensemble (pictured above, far right) available from Simplcity patterns is the perfect welcome for the newest member of the family into the Halloween tradition. A four-piece ensemble includes a green hooded pajama suit, two detachable velcro pea pillows, and a pod that can be used a carrying wrap or—better yet—as a stroller cover.

iAttire's line of handmade costumes fit iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano and iPod shuffle range from $7 for a Lone Ranger-style mask to $40 for a full cowboy get-up.