Megan Herbert Wall Stickers

Skeletons, shadow puppets and more in an illustrator's new line of playful wall adhesives

meg-herb1.jpg meg-herb2.jpg

When Megan Herbert was renovating her apartment she found herself drawing “pictures and little things straight onto the walls themselves.” Now the Reykjavik-based illustrator has a better option in her eight different removable wall decals by The Wall Sticker Company.

herbert-wall2.jpg herbert-wall3.jpg

With Art Deco style, “Waterfall” wraps around door frames and other corners, complete with stylized swimmers. An all-over print consisting of birds, butterflies and flowers depicted as if cross-stiched fulfills Herbert’s longstanding goal of designing wallpaper. Like her DIY originals, which she says aren’t “immediately obvious or dominating,” when you look twice her designs add “character and humor to the room.”

herbert-wall10.jpg herbert-wall11.jpg

Whether a single focal feature or large-scale repeating pattern, each of the carbon-neutral wall adhesives comes in a few colors for versatility. The PVC-free reusable adhesives are “pretty much indestructible,” the native Australian adds, making it easy to transfer them to a different room or reconfigure their placement several times over. Herbert told us they are already dreaming of future motifs, but the current crop sells online from The Wall Sticker Company‘s shop, with prices spanning $55-145.

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