MiCha Lamps

The imaginative Parisian designer duo Kuntzel+Deygas bring 2D cats to life


Paris-based Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas of Kunztel+Deygas are masters of capturing the essence of motion in 2D form. (You might have seen their designs in the title sequence of Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can” or gracing limited edition Diptyque candles.) Their little animals, however, have become one of their signature styles. The imaginations behind the delightful canine characters and Colette mascots Caperino and Peperone haven’t left feline lovers in the dark, though. While the MiCha lamps launched in 2010, we found Kunztel+Deygas’ designs to be so timeless and admirable that they’re worth a shout-out even now.


Handmade in France, the MiCha lamp is like a drawing that has come to life—and brings to mind the liveliness of the iconic Pixar lamps. Laser-cut steel is shaped into a silhouette, then painted black with a lacquer that was specifically developed for the automobile industry to ensure resistance against damage. The bulb is hidden by a small bowl (which sports whiskers made out of coils) and the lamp emits a subdued, ambient light that enhances the atmosphere of any room and almost turns itself into a shadow. The power cord elongates the body and evokes a curvy cat’s tail.


The pet lamps strike four different poses—sitting, walking, baby sitting and rounded back—each eliciting a different mood. For instance, while MiCha “assis” (meaning, sitting) is a friendly companion who sits by your side and watches over you as you work, the curious MiCha “en marche” (walking) can’t help but be a little more mischievous. Whatever pose suits you the most, a MiCha lamp is an irresistible addition to the household that won’t require any maintenance.


The limited edition MiCha lamps are available in four different poses (each signed and numbered in a series of 250) as well as different voltage options, according to the country you reside in. They are available at the dedicated e-boutique for €1500.

Images courtesy of Kuntzel+Deygas