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Milanese Brand SUNNEI’s “Objects II” Collection

Sleek, stylish and surprising home decor pieces from the Italian outfit

In addition to producing colorful clothing and accessories, Milan-based SUNNEI (founded by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo) has the OBJECTS collection, a range of decor pieces for the home. All the items respect the company’s style, with plenty of color blocking, stripes, generous proportions and high-quality Italian materials and production from Biella, Murano, Padua, Varese and beyond. A few weeks ago, we visited as they unveiled their second OBJECTS collection, which comprises products that align with their DNA, along with a few surprises.

by Paolo Ferrarini

Like the last collection, this one includes woven cushions, bedding, slipmats, and kaleidoscopic Murano glass (this time even thinner, but in larger sizes). Alongside these pieces, the 2022 collection sees the arrival of glazed clay bowls, an inflatable Almost Swiss Ball covered in denim, and dinner plates that have been made and painted by hand in Padua.

Courtesy of SUNNEI

The only exception to their made-in-Italy rule, the made-in-NYC Champ Stool was developed in collaboration with Matter Made and is available in two exclusive custom colors.

One of our favorite pieces, the BBPR Candle serves as a replica of the Torre Velasca—one of Milan’s equal parts loved and despised skyscrapers. But the real surprise is the four Pleasure Objects, various cheeky Murano glass sculptures that have been blown and molded by hand. These unique pieces are great conversation starters, but obviously have other uses.

Hero image courtesy of Paolo Ferrarini


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