Engrave Your Book

The latest artist designs lasered onto Moleskine covers


The same company behind bamboo iPhone cases, Engrave Your Book has been delighting pen-and-paper stalwarts with its artful collection of Moleskine notebook covers since their debut last year.

Moleskine_AlishaWessler1.jpg Moleskine_JustineAshbee1.jpg

Available for both pocket and larger Moleskine notebook sizes, the slip-on covers feature a growing collection of works by artists and illustrators, including most recently Spanish artist Pepa Prietro (design below right) and Marc Aspinall of the U.K.-based firm The Tree House Press. Japanese-born designer Junichi Tsuneoka—best known for creating the Japanese-American pop blend “California Roll Stylie“—also contributed his hallmark illustrations (below left) to the mix. These latest additions typify a broad and international scope of work, further proof of Moleskine’s worldwide fan base.

Moleskin_Junichi.jpg Moleskin_Prieto.jpg

The designs are laser-etched with remarkable precision on all-natural, vegetable-tanned cowhide, and smart details include an inner card pocket and an elastic closure strap. As a contemporary component to an old-school product, the Portland, OR-based company takes it one step further by letting you create your own custom case with uploaded images. And unlike technology, these covers look better with age.

Moleskine_CamWilde.jpg Moleskine_AndreasSamuelsson.jpg

Pocket-sized artist series covers start at $60, while larger-sized covers run about $80. Custom covers start at $60. Order them online.