Open Call For Upcoming “The Uncook Book”

Upcoming publication The Uncook Book from Given (a London-based agency that works with purpose-driven brands) aims to communicate climate solutions in artistic ways, because “where science and logic can’t reach, creativity and imagination can.” Artists of all disciplines have been invited to contribute to the book via an open call for submissions that closes 31 January. The three concepts in the brief are: unbake how we consume, unbake how we live and unbake what we value. Artists and designers are invited to respond using their preferred creative medium. Becks Williams (Given’s creative director) tells It’s Nice That, “When it comes to the climate emergency, many of us are experiencing fatigue, thanks to the weight of what needs to be done and its daily presence on the news agenda. We wanted to launch a project that would help tackle any sense of hopelessness around the issue by raising awareness of the scientifically-backed solutions which will start to make a real impact.” All profits from sales of the publication will go to Friends of the Earth. Find out more at It’s Nice That.

Image courtesy of Given