A+: The Young Designers’ Platform

Our favorite three emerging designers from the American Design Club's latest show

An opportunity for emerging designers to showcase their work, A+: The Young Designers’ Platform took place earlier this month during the Accent on Design event at New York’s International Gift Fair. The American Design Club curated the event, aiming to highlight raw new creatives and their recent contributions to the design world. Seven out of ten of this year’s winners also had a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, bringing simple solutions to the world’s environmental concerns to the forefront of the design world. We picked three of our favorites newbies in the world of jewelry, compost, and cast iron cookware, who each snagged a space on the list of finalists, rounding out the eclectic list with their innovative new designs.

Bin by Fuccillo
fuccillo_lemon.jpg fuccillo_flower.jpg

Vancouver design studio Fuccillo recently turned its attention to composting—a simple but important part of a sustainable urban lifestyle. Making it easier for environmentally-conscious citizens who already freeze compostable scraps and drop them at their local farmers markets, Fuccillo created a stylish new “bin” using hard plastic and flexible silicone.


The container stays in the freezer until it’s time to be dropped off, eliminating stench and pests by pausing the decomposing process. When ready for emptying, the silicone bottom stays flexible and pushes in for easy removal of the waste (without having to reach inside and scrape it out). Next month the bin will hit shelves online and in stores across the U.S. and Canada for $45 each.

Hila Rawet Karni


Hila Rawet Karni specializes in “industrial jewelry,” using materials like paper and leather to construct geometrically intricate patterns.

We like the way the extraordinary level of detail and a passion for industrial design combine in the Melissa necklace in particular. Consisting of a series of interlocked textured, leather pinwheels, the design embodies the beauty of her creative mathematics. Paper, leather, plastic and spring necklaces come in various shapes and sizes at Hila Rawet Karni’s Etsy store.

Borough Furnace
radiators-600x450.jpg BF-nightpour041.jpg

Jason Connelly and John Truex were cousins before becoming business partners based on their shared admiration for industrial design and environmental responsibility. The two finally teamed up to create Borough Furnace, a Murfreesboro, TN-based cast iron cookware production team.

BF_mold.jpg BF_prototypes_Masked.jpg

Upcycling iron from scrap radiators or other junkyard items, the team creates high-quality cookware, including a popular dual-handle frying skillet, in their own backyard. The products are entirely recycled and handmade, not to mention classically-designed for a lifetime of use and beautiful craftsmanship. For more general or purchasing info, contact info [at] boroughfurnace [dot] com.