Estudio Manus: Peixe Collection


Estudio Manus' porcelain goods are hitting MoMA's Design: Brazil collection, but with keen foresight, the São Paulo duo is already making emphatic forays into other objects and furniture under the guise of its newest collection called "Peixe."


With similar irreverence as their other pieces, like a porcelain cup with ears, this time they're proving they also work well building environments and in the architectural realm. The series boasts a High Dunes table poised with a toy camel (pictured above), lamps with bulbs blossoming as if electrified (pictured at right) and stools with bulbs on their undersides.

They're also using materials including wood and brass, but just for safe measure, they've kept a few trademark porcelain pieces.

You don't quite need to understand what's going on when you see Estudio Manus' work; the idea is to accept it. It's a bit Dadaist, a little weird, but altogether interesting, fresh and always desirable.