Must-Touch Porcelain Tableware by Piaule

A handmade, slightly asymmetrical set for one

Piaule launched with an ambitious idea: release thoughtfully considered homewares, one at a time—and make them so well that there’s no need to offer a selection of “choices.” The online brand has already perfected the ultra-lightweight, quick-drying bath towel, made from 100% Japanese-milled cotton. And now for Product Two, they offer a seriously refined tableware set—designed to let the pieces speak for themselves—featuring a natural matte exterior with a glazed interior. After coming across a Portland-based ceramicist’s work on Instagram, the Piaule team reached out to commission these handmade pieces that have a very tactile quality you don’t get with perfect symmetry.

“She’s able to create porcelain shapes that feel utterly luxurious but still sensitive and thoughtful,” Piaule founder Nolan McHugh tells CH. “We worked with her for months to create what we think are the perfect shapes, weights, sizes and finishes. Each small pinch and curve is designed to make the pieces feel comfortable in your hands. When you see them, you want to touch them, and when you hold them, you never want to use anything else.”

The cup, bowl and plate set is available for $105 from Piaule online. Stay tuned on what homeware product they will be tackling next.

Images courtesy of Piaule