Prepd Pack Modular Lunchbox and App

Meal-prepping made easier with simple organization and accompanying recipes

Type “meal prepping” into Google Trends and you’ll see that the term has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. With more and more people opening up their ovens instead of the latest delivery app, it only makes sense to have a smart, convenient way to store and portion food. Enter the new Prepd Pack, a modular lunchbox that aims to take away all the pain points of prepping healthy meals at home. Launching on Kickstarter today, Prepd Pack consists of a neatly designed, bento-style lunchbox that can hold various configurations of modular food containers, allowing owners to quickly swap out pre-made meals throughout the week. The containers themselves are leakproof and are made from a glass-like material (called tritan) that’s completely safe to freeze, microwave or stick in the dishwasher.

“We’re trying to put the same kind of thought behind Apple products into something as basic as the humble lunchbox,” explains Chris Place, a co-creator of Prepd. “The expectations of the people buying those products are so high, regarding how it works, how good it feels, how long it lasts, etc. But people buying lunchboxes don’t really have that expectation. We’re trying to surpass that with Prepd.” In addition, Prepd comes with its own dedicated app that offers a host of healthy recipes and shopping lists—an essential tool for those whose cooking quests end with indecision on what to make. After you’ve eaten, the app can even transfer the nutritional information of those meals directly to Health Kit on iOS, streamlining the entire nutrition-tracking process.

The Prepd Pack launches today on Kickstarter, with a $50 pledge securing one lunchbox and a full set of containers.

Thumb image courtesy of Prepd, all other images by Cool Hunting