Rack360 by Naolab

Sleek and slender rotating storage


Standing 80cm tall, Naolab‘s recently released Rack360 is a creatively arranged storage unit for small spaces. The 12 stacked drawers fan out like a spiral of steps that can rotate a full 360 degrees to accommodate any number of configurations. Described by Naolab as being “perfect for long things”, the rack can hold a wide array of items from food and kitchen supplies to tools and utensils.

Rack360-1-.jpg Rack360-2.jpg

In keeping with Naolab’s intuitive design ethos, the unit’s 12 trough-like trays open in the front for access even when the unit is “closed”. The unique adaptability marks the functional highlight of Rack360, and the streamlined design is the icing on the cake. The sophisticated form—even when splayed open—and crisp colors make the storage unit versatile enough to live in the middle of the garage or in a corner of the office.

Rack360-3.jpg Rack360-4.jpg

The latest product from the Shanghai- and Hong Kong-based design studio is still in the prototyping stage, but we hope to see it in the Naolab online shop soon.