Scale Collection

Modular carpeting takes floors to new geometric heights


DIY home renovation can be a creatively fulfilling pastime, but hammering and rolling carpet is one daunting task. German textile producer Vorwerk offers a stylish solution with its modular carpeting collection called Scale. The assorted sizes transform any space’s “fifth facade of architecture” but make installation easy.


Scale comes in three aptly titled categories—Greyscale, Colorscale and Freescale. With a wide assortment of textures and patterns, Greyscale and Colorscale keep it interesting but streamlined with a mix of four short and long rectangular shapes.


Freescale consists of more unique shapes designed to link seamlessly for an endless variety of orientations, from the elegant to the Escher-esque. The Crystal, Mesh and Partition shapes resembles obscure geometric designs more likely found on junior high math tests than under your feet, but with 16 different colors to choose from the only limitation of what you can accomplish is your own imagination.


Whether you have a penchant for geometry or want to transform you floor into a colorful maze, Vorwerk’s high quality carpeting allows you freedom to create one-of-a-kind floors. The Scale collection sells from Vorwerk locations and retailers around the world.