Seaglass Project

The rebirth of traditional finless surfboards


Inspired by the shape of ancient Hawaiian surfboards, designer and surf historian Tom Wegener decided to reintroduce finless surfboards to the world of modern surfing. The Seaglass Project, as he calls it, is the result of decades of thinking up, designing, prototyping and testing his designs with Global Surf Industries. This extensive R&D combined with ancient concepts and modern materials led Wegener to design his version of the finless surfboard, “The Tuna.”

Seaglass-image2.jpg seaglass-image3.jpg

The theory behind finless boards is pretty simple; no fins means less drag, and less drag means a faster ride. Soon available in two sizes for different wave conditions and rider size, Wegener designed both the Tuna and the Mini Tuna with an ideal combination of proper flex, rail and bottom contours and contemporary materials for a responsive board with increased flotation. A low-level rocker (the upturn of the nose) helps make catching waves easier, plus the subtle curves and hard walls hold the board on the face of the wave. All this makes a Seaglass Project board perfect for ripping even the smallest of waves, delivering a fun, loose ride that’s great addition to your quiver.


Tuna and Mini Tuna will be available in Australia and the U.S. in November 2011. For everyone else, check online to find your nearest dealer and for more general information.