Six Oddly Shaped Candles

Independent makers who are thinking outside of the humdrum glass container to create design objects for the home

These days, candles are more than just a source of light or a mood setter; they need to emanate complex fragrances and more. Simple wax in a glass just won’t cut it anymore. We’ve scoured the world for uniquely shaped or housed candles that look beautiful even unlit. The hardest part, of course, will be making them last as long as possible—but their ephemeral nature is also part of their beauty.



Brooklyn-based artist Camilla Engstrom not only weaves and hand-embroiders button-down shirts, but also creates cedar-scented candles that resemble flat-top mountains. “I would like to say that the candle shape is a representation of a sensation and need for warmth and light,” Engstrom tells CH. “My work is like a doodle. It’s impulsive and I embrace the uncertainty of what I might create next.” ($44)


Andrej Urem

Brooklyn-based Croatian poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer Andrej Urem has created cubic candles that we never want to light. But at the same time, we’re eager to see them transform from their strict structures into molten, organic forms. He carves the first models himself, then uses 3D technology for additional sculpting and printing the molds. And due to their symmetrical nature, Urem’s candles have another distinct feature: they’re stackable. ($35)


Fleur de Light

A simple way to add a sophisticated touch to any room is with a candle from Fleur de Light’s Chateau collection. The glazed ceramic containers, perched on little legs, look as if they were plucked from a countryside garden—and could be reused as flowerpots in their second life. Based on its large size, the double wicked candle is quite a steal and burns up to 100 hours. ($26)



Blending a bold geometric shape with a natural material, the Deepa candle from minimalist London-based, Indian-inspired lifestyle brand Tiipoi boasts a decidedly design-driven holder that likens it to a lamp. Its soapstone outer is physically heavy, yet the pale grey color has a softness that means it can be placed almost anywhere—from bathroom to coffee table—and not look out of place. The jasmine and sandalwood fragrances—like the design—are distinct without being overpowering. (£40)


Big Dipper Wax Works

Seattle’s Big Dipper Wax Works creates candles for those who like it natural, as the locally sourced beeswax—a renewable resource—burns clean, with its own honey-tinged scent. The small business is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible, donating 10% of net profits to supporting environmental conversation and sustainable beekeeping. They offer a variety of sculpted forms (from transistor radio to even Abraham Lincoln) but the artichoke candle is especially a delight. ($20)


Alchemy Produx

Design meets science in Alchemy Produx candles, where natural soy wax is hand poured into conical flasks and beakers by a Melbourne duo. The robust scents are anything but noxious, however, with options like yuzu, wild fig or mandarin and rosemary. Once the candle burns through, the chemistry glassware makes for a unique vase or reed diffuser. ($39 and up)

Images by Cool Hunting