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Sonos Soundalier

We asked Lindsey Adelman to create a custom speaker for a unique audio experience during NYC Design Week

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Best known for her hand-blown glass and sculptural brass lighting fixtures, Lindsey Adelman is no stranger to exploring the limits of industrial design. Driven by this pionering spirit, Adelman’s studio, in collaboration with Kiel Mead of the AmDC, teamed up with Sonos to create the “Soundalier”, a centerpiece for the Sonos Listening Library being held at The Standard East Village at Noho Design District during NYC Design Week 2012. This gorgeously inventive speaker fixture embodies Adelman’s bold design while showcasing the supreme quality and adaptability of the wireless Play: 3 speaker from Sonos.

Inspired by Mead’s initial idea and starting from a photoshopped collage, Adelman repurposed an existing BB.05.01 lighting fixture by replacing the globes with speakers, customizing it to create a piece that demands attention. “It’s new. I love that the form has integrity but is also quirky. The way the speakers are so massive next to the skinny brass arms, you wouldn’t think the frame couldn’t hold their weight. It’s really unexpected and fun,” says Adelman.


The raw brass frame has been given a dark bronze patina to play off the clean aesthetic of the Sonos Play: 3 speakers, making for a beautiful juxtaposition that nicely compliments the other designers showcased in the Listening Library. The Soundalier will be suspended above the custom-designed room holding a collection of design pieces by the likes of Pete Oyler, Evan Dublin and The Future Perfect to create a truly unique listening experience.

The exclusively designed Soundalier and its accompanying collection of designs curated by Kiel Mead will be shown in the Sonos Listening Library at The Standard East Village as part of the Noho Design District. Exhibit hours are Friday 18 – Monday 21 May 2012 from 12 Noon to 7:00 p.m.


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