Futurecraft Studios


Futurecraft Studio is the home of apparel and accessories combining traditional craftsmanship and technological advances in weaving from some of the creative forces behind SVSV. A family business, Futurecraft was founded by Jenna Rivers, a Fashion Institute of Technology grad who specializes in the convergence between fine tailoring, traditional crafts and new technologies along with her mother Josephine Rivers, a weaver and art teacher, and her grandmother Maria D'Amorea, professor of textile design, knitting, patternmaking and rugmaking.

The three generations of women collaborate to create extraordinary collections of jackets, hoodies, scarves, hats and jewelery made from the finest cotton, bamboo, cashmere and Alpaca, hand weaving all the intricate fabrics at the Futurecraft Studios.


Check out Futurecraft's blog for images of their amazing looms in action and information about the weaving classes they give in schools. You can also purchase several items from online store.

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