Terada Mokei

Paper pop-ups shrink everyday life into adorably tiny scenarios

archmodel1.jpg archmodel2.jpg archmodel3.jpg

A slice of life shrinks even smaller with the miniature design line, Terada Mokei. Architect-turned-modeler Naoki Terada’s Architectural Model Accessories Series is a monochrome microcosmic representation of everyday life. Terada adopted a 1/100 scale ratio for the series, promoting a metric-based “global standard” that adorably scales down the largeness of reality to one-hundredth the size.

Populating the paper environments, Terada’s version of the modern man and his archetypal family consist of featureless cookie-cutter silhouettes of male, female and child figures. Each series places a variation of the family in different scenarios, ranging from park activities to earthquake-disrupted dinners and office obsequiousness, all packaged in single-colored sheets of pre-cut parts, reminiscent of model die-cuts.

Mokei1.jpg Mokei2.jpg

Terada Mokei also features a line of Architectural Model Greeting Cards. Pop-up figures with word-bubble expressions say it when you can’t with this sentimental stationary.

Mokei3.jpg Mokei4.jpg

The 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series retails for ¥1,575, with the Architectural Greeting Cards selling for ¥580, both from the Terada Mokei website.