The Turkish Towel

A traditional non-terry towel that weathers well

Traditionally striped peştemal have been offered at Turkish bathhouses since before the Ottoman Empire. Whether for beach, spa or everyday use, the beautiful towels have a couple of practical features too. Absorbent woven cotton or linen gets softer the more you use it, doesn’t pick up unwanted sand, minimizes frizzy hair, rolls into a small bundle for easy packing, and doubles as a wrap, blanket or tablecloth. For those who missed the French label A.P.C.’s
recent limited-run version of the chic staple
, see eight modern equivalents in a range of styles, blends and prices that all stand out for their quality and good looks below.

toast-towel1.jpg toast-towel2.jpg

Toast: Hammam Towel; indigo or aubergine, £19

brook-farm-towel1.jpg brook-farm-towel2.jpg

Brook Farm General Store: Hammam Towel; grey, ivory, black and striped colorways, $68


No. Four Eleven: Large Fouta Towel; gray and ivory striped, gray with ivory border, $69

scent-feel-towel1.jpg scent-feel-towel2.jpg

Scents & Feel: Fouta Bayadere; various striped options, $85-95


ABC Carpet & Home; Mabrad Towel; natural, mocha, turquoise and grey with white or blue, $50-60

piq-towel1.jpg piq-towel2.jpg

Pip-Squeak Chapeau: Linen Bath Towel; white, $65

turkishbath1.jpg turkishbath2.jpg

Turkish Bath Towel; various colors and patterns, $20-26

laviva1.jpg laviva-2.jpg laviva3.jpg

Turkish Hammam Towels: L’aviva Home; Oatmeal Linen, Nile Green, Sage Green or Dark Rose and Ivory Stripe, White Pique, Dark Rose or Navy Jacquard and Chocolate Linen, $55


Fantastic Man recently pointed our attention to the linen Deck Towels; nine brilliant colors and stripes, $55