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The Cocoon from Uono


Uono, a Köln-based coffin manufacturer, offers The Cocoon, designed by Andreas Spiegel. Lightwight (20kg) and made from a soy-based resin and lined with jute, the coffin decomposes in 10-15 years and can also be used for cremation.You'll rest comfortably in the white cotton or silk liner. It features a water-based varnish and is CO2 neutral. The coffins are finished by hand are available in 14 colors, or use their Haute Couture program to design custom color of your choice.


Fortunately you can pre-order your coffin so your loved ones won't have to lay you to rest in something less aesthetically pleasing. Delivery is 3 days in Germany, and shipping elsewhere will take more time. The Cocoon will set you (or your loved ones) back $3,500.

Via the New York Times


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