The Corkigami Chair

Spain's Carlos Ortega Design finds inspiration in natural materials and origami structures


When we first stumbled across Carlos Ortega Design in 2012 at Feria Habitat Valencia, we were drawn to the creative designs and sheer quality of traditional woodworking techniques. Now more than a year later, the brand introduces the new Corkigami chair, a design that takes its name from the process of turning 2D materials into a 3D object. The materials in question are few—cork and oak—and lend a unique look to the experimental design.


“As we started to imagine a seat made entirely out of cork, everyone said it was impossible,” explains lead designer Carlos Ortega. “Then we realized we had a challenge to work on.” The solution came in the form of a laminated cork shell, made from four layers of 4mm thick cork, held together with water-based PVA glue. For the cork to take its shape, it’s cut from a flat sheet, folded and glued in place around a curved form. The end result is a lightweight, comfortable seat made entirely of natural, sustainable materials. And as a bonus; it can be easily recycled.

corkigami-Carlos-Ortega-3.jpg corkigami-Carlos-Ortega-4.jpg

The cork seat, which Ortega says will not only support body weight, but mold to its user over time, sits atop a hand-oiled oak frame. As a whole, the structure seems more forward-thinking than the design studio’s work of a year ago—a possible transition that many will be excited to see continue. For more information on the Spanish designer visit Carlos Ortega Design online.

Images courtesy of Carlos Ortega Design